At least get rid of the glasses. I can’t think of a single man in the Bureau who wears them.

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Léon: “Revenge is not a good thing, it’s better to forget.”
Mathilda: “Forget? After I’ve seen the outline of my brother’s body on the floor, you expect me to forget? I wanna kill those sons of bitches, and blow their fucking heads off!”

Léon: The Professional (1994)

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"The world’s 85 richest people have as much wealth as the world’s 3.5 billion poorest."
This statistic was recently released in United Nations report that uses Oxfam figures. It’s also a huge wake-up call for anyone who doesn’t consider income inequality a major issue in global politics. (via micdotcom)

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Givenchy S/S 2015 at PFW

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                                  でも君がいないなら きっとつまらないから
                             But if you’re not here, it’s going to be boring so
                               So while killing time, I’ll wait until 2085 for you

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Bae: Come over
Me: I'm in me mum's car
Bae: My parents aren't home
Me: Broom Broom


Ryder Morey-Weale

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maria’s feet!

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House + Wilson

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